Here at Loudmouth, we're all about igniting a lifelong love for music in hearts young and old. Our academy is a playground for exploration, learning, and musical discovery. With a diverse range of instruments and a team of experienced instructors, we're dedicated to creating a fun and enriching musical journey for students of all ages.

Our instructors are not just teachers; they're passionate mentors who understand the unique joy and challenges of introducing music to creative minds. With years of teaching experience and a knack for making learning engaging, they create an environment where music becomes an exciting adventure.

Our goal? To be the go-to destination for music enthusiasts and their families. Whether you or your child is fascinated by strumming guitars, tinkling on the piano, or tapping out rhythms on drums, we're here to spark musical passion.

Through tailored lessons that embrace creativity, individualized attention, and a nurturing community, we aim to inspire confidence and skill in all musicians. We believe that each individual has their own musical path, and we're here to guide and encourage them every step of the way.

Join us at Loudmouth Music Academy, where the world of music awaits creative imaginations. We can't wait to create beautiful melodies and unforgettable musical memories together!


- Top shelf instruction and teaching from some of the area's best!

- Opportunities to showcase your gift and talents to the community through a number of events, recitals, and concerts!

- The option for emphasis on Church music and training on how to sit in and participate on a Church's platform worship service.

- The most fun EVER you've ever had, ever, becoming the best musician you can be. PROMISE!!